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To Thee be praise; to Thee be honor; to Thee be glory; to Thee be thanksgiving, forever and ever, O most blessed Trinity!


I am the Resurrection and the Life...


Behold the Man!

--John 19:5

Pontifice Nostro FRANCISCO


Instruction on the Holy Sacrament of Penance

The Restoration of all things in Christ


Maureen Dowd, plagiarist, continues vitriolic attack on the Church

Setting the Record Straight
(In the case of abusive Milwaukee priest Father Lawrence Murphy

Remembering the Souls in Purgatory
"Friends of the Suffering Souls"




Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val


South Korean figure skate Gold Medalist is Catholic

Obama and Abortion
Obama's Abortion Confusion
Obama's obsession with abortion
Obsession with the Gay Agenda

Clueless Catholics
(In Office, in Organization., or in private life)
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Supper of the Lord's Mass: Church's preaching will not fail throughout history

Novena to the HOLY GHOST


Great Cathedrals: Catechisms in Stone

Eucharistic Miracles

The One Catholic Mass

Its Validity, Liceity, and Benefit


 Evolution  of  the  NOM
Which began on 28 May, 1948

The NEW Catholic Formation
[What they are teaching Our Children]

The Question of "Pro Multis"
To be resolved

Who are they?

Can a Catholic be a "Promise Keeper"?
The answer is No!


Cry of a Lost Soul

The Jews and the Covenant


The Shrine of Our Lady

The ROMAN Connection



Remembering the Souls in Purgatory

"Friends of the Suffering Souls"

Fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget

The Seven Sorrows of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady of Guadalupe

In heaven Jesus still carries the scar of that wound in His Sacred Heart, pierced by the spear of Longinus,
which speaks eloquently of the greatest love the world will ever know.

Divine Mercy Devotion

Prayer of St Therese of the Infant Jesus and the Holy Face

It is said that this devotion brought St Therese of Lisieux, "the Little Flower", to her great sanctity. This is her prayer to the Holy Face:

O Jesus, who in Thy bitter Passion didst become "the most abject of men, a man of sorrows", I venerate Thy Sacred Face whereon there once did shine the beauty and sweetness of the Godhead; but now it has become for me as if it were the face of a leper! Nevertheless, under those disfigured features, I recognize Thy infinite Love and I am consumed with the desire to love Thee and make Thee loved by all men. The tears which well up abundantly in Thy sacred eyes appear to me as so many precious pearls that I love to gather up, in order to purchase the souls of poor sinners by means of their infinite value. O Jesus, whose adorable Face ravishes my heart, I implore Thee to fix deep within me Thy divine image and to set me on fire with Thy Love, that I may be found worthy to come to the contemplation of Thy glorious Face in Heaven.


Gloria in Excélsis Deo

Crudelissimum eterrimunque supplicum
(the most cruel and atrocious of punishments)
                                        -- Cicero [d. 43 B.C.]

]   The Passion




De Facto Destruction of the Traditional Catholic Faith

New and revised edition of Robert Banaugh's dissertation

The Reason For The Last Judgment

“Give an account of thy stewardship.” St. Luke 16: 2.

Is it not an article of faith that every man shall be judged immediately after death, and sent into eternal glory or eternal torments? Why, then, should men appear again to hear another sentence? Is not the first one good and just enough, as it is pronounced by an infallible Judge?

Not a doubt of it! What is, then, the object of a new examination and judgment? Will the last judgment perhaps make some change in the first? Not at all; the sentence once uttered shall not be recalled. On the last day each one shall hear the same sentence that was pronounced on him at the particular judgment on the last day of his life, at the moment of death, and no other. If I am then condemned to hell, I shall certainly hear in the last judgment the words: “Depart, accursed!” If I am then admitted to the kingdom of heaven, I shall certainly hear on the last day the words: “Come, ye blessed!” What is then the use of a general judgment. Several reasons are assigned for it, from which I shall select two principal ones, the first of which concerns God, and the second us mortals. The first I shall speak of today

I. There must necessarily be a general judgment that God may publicly, in the sight of the whole world, make good His lessened honor.

II. There must necessarily be a general judgment, that God may publicly, in the sight of the whole world, justify His now incomprehensible providence.

I. Why do most men give God so little of the honor due to Him, and are so backward in fearing and loving Him? Because they have but a dark knowledge of His majesty. We do not know what a great Lord He is, and how worthy of honor, fear and love. It is true, God is the absolute Lord and Master of all time, of every moment of our lives. But we often refuse to act on this truth; we show by our conduct that we believe quite the contrary, for we misspend our precious time given us by God in a most foolish manner, wasting it in idleness, vanity, gluttony, the lusts of the flesh, and useless amusements.

God is almighty, and present in all places; at any moment He has the power of reducing us to nothing, if such is His will. We often refuse to act on that knowledge; otherwise should we, poor, despicable creatures as we are, so often rebel against Him, offend Him so audaciously, and before His very eyes trample His law under foot?

God is the sworn Enemy and Chastiser of sin, and His infinite justice will not allow the least transgression to go unpunished, unless it has been fully atoned for. We often refuse to act on that knowledge; otherwise should we dare to offend Him so presumptuously?

Do we not falsely imagine that we are free from all punishment when we spend whole weeks, months and years in sin, calmly and quietly, as if there were no one in heaven or on earth from whom we have anything to fear? We separate the divine mercy and justice from each other, and imagine that justice must always give way before and yield to mercy; we look on justice as an idle attribute of God, that never upholds its rights and leave everything to mercy.

God is good, we say; God is patient; He is ready to forgive, and therefore it makes little matter how one lives. Thus, through want of a proper knowledge of God, His honor is often lessened and despised. Hence there must come a time in which God will avenge His honor, and publicly show before the world what He is.

And that will be the last day of general judgment, which is therefore called in Holy Writ “the day of the Lord.” Then shall all see how bitter is the hatred God has against sin and the sinner, and how He will notallow the smallest transgression to go unpunished; for He will demand an account even of an idle word or thought; nay, He will judge the justices and holiest works of men, and put them to the proof to see if they are according to His will and pleasure. All shall then see that God has no respect for persons; rich and poor, noble and lowly, prince and peasant, master and servant, mistress and maid; great and small shall be cited before Him in the same order, without distinction of rank, and each one shall receive the reward or punishment due to his works. Therefore, the prophet Isaias calls this day cruel: “Behold, the day of the Lord shall come, a cruel day, and full of indignation, and of wrath, and fury, to lay the land desolate, and to destroy the sinners thereof out of it” (Is. 13: 9).

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Introduction to the Devout Life
St. Francis de Sales

The Nature and Excellence of Devotion

Part I, Chapter 2

Those who sought to discourage the Israelites from going up to the Promised Land, told them that it was "a land which eateth up the inhabitants thereof;"that is, that the climate was so unhealthy that the inhabitants could not live long, and that the people thereof were "men of a great stature," who looked upon the new-comers as mere locusts to be devoured. It is just so, my child, that the world runs down true devotion, painting devout people with gloomy, melancholy aspect, and affirming that religion makes them dismal and unpleasant. But even as Joshua and Caleb protested that not only was the Promised Land a fair and pleasant country, but that the Israelites would take an easy and peaceful possession thereof, so the Holy Spirit tells us through His Saints, and our Lord has told us with His Own Lips, that a devout life is very sweet, very happy and very loveable.

The world, looking on, sees that devout persons fast, watch and pray, endure injury patiently, minister to the sick and poor, restrain their temper, check and subdue their passions, deny themselves in all sensual indulgence, and do many other things which in themselves are hard and difficult. But the world sees nothing of that inward, heartfelt devotion which makes all these actions pleasant and easy. Watch a bee hovering over the mountain thyme;--the juices it gathers are bitter, but the bee turns them all to honey,--and so tells the worldling, that though the devout soul finds bitter herbs along its path of devotion, they are all turned to sweetness and pleasantness as it treads;--and the martyrs have counted fire, sword, and rack but as perfumed flowers by reason of their devotion. And if devotion can sweeten such cruel torments, and even death itself, how much more will it give a charm to ordinary good deeds? We sweeten unripe fruit with sugar, and it is useful in correcting the crudity even of that which is good. So devotion is the real spiritual sweetness which takes away all bitterness from mortifications; and prevents consolations from disagreeing with the soul: it cures the poor of sadness, and the rich of presumption; it keeps the oppressed from feeling desolate, and the prosperous from insolence; it averts sadness from the lonely, and dissipation from social life; it is as warmth in winter and refreshing dew in summer; it knows how to abound and how to suffer want; how to profit alike by honour and contempt; it accepts gladness and sadness with an even mind, and fills men's hearts with a wondrous sweetness.

Ponder Jacob's ladder:--it is a true picture of the devout life; the two poles which support the steps are types of prayer which seeks the love of God, and the Sacraments which confer that love; while the steps themselves are simply the degrees of love by which we go on from virtue to virtue, either descending by good deeds on behalf of our neighbour or ascending by contemplation to a loving union with God. Consider, too, who they are who trod this ladder; men with angels' hearts, or angels with human forms. They are not youthful, but they seem to be so by reason of their vigour and spiritual activity. They have wings wherewith to fly, and attain to God in holy prayer, but they have likewise feet wherewith to tread in human paths by a holy gracious intercourse with men; their faces are bright and beautiful, inasmuch as they accept all things gently and sweetly; their heads and limbs are uncovered, because their thoughts, affections and actions have no motive or object save that of pleasing God; the rest of their bodies is covered with a light shining garment, because while they use the world and the things of this life, they use all such purely and honestly, and no further than is needful for their condition --such are the truly devout. Believe me, dear child, devotion is the sweetest of sweets, the queen of virtues, the perfection of love. If love is the milk of life, devotion is the cream thereof; if it is a fruitful plant, devotion is the blossom; if it is a precious stone, devotion is its brightness; if it is a precious balm, devotion is its perfume, even that sweet odour which delights men and causes the angels to rejoice.

The Catholic Ethos

In the dispensation of the fullness of times, to perfect all things in Christ, that are in heaven and in earth, in him.  [Ephesians1:10]*
Nota Bene
The Catholic Church
The Life of a Soul
The meaning of Redemption
Doctrine of Atonement

Who is saved?
The Spiritual Life
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
The Deposit of Faith
The Magisterium
The Petrine Office

The First Protestant (Lucifer)
Defensor Fidei
The Church in Eclipse


Contra Haereses
In defense of the Catholic Faith

In Heaven Already?

Catholic Issues and Practices

Politicians are still wrong
Saving the Unborn
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A Word to Catholic Parents 
Conversions to the Faith

Homepage for Information on the Origin of man and the Cosmos

Prayer for Daily Neglects
(To be said before retiring at night)

ETERNAL FATHER, I offer Thee the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with all Its Love, all Its Sufferings,all Its Merits.
FIRST: To expiate all the sins I have committed this day and in all my life.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be world without end. Amen.
SECOND: To purify the good I have done badly this day and in all my life.
Glory be to the Father...
THIRD: To supply for the good I ought to have done, and that I have neglected this day and in all my life.
Glory be to the Father...
Aspirations to the Holy Ghost
Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy
Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work too may be holy
Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I may love only what is holy
Strenghten me, O Holy Spirit, that I may defend all that is holy
Protect me, O Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy
Act of Resignation to the Divine Will
O Lord my God, I now at this moment readily and willingly accept at Thy hand whatever kind of death it may please Thee to send me, with all its pains, penalties and sorrows.
(Indulgence 7 years. Plenary indulgence under the usual conditions at the time of death)

The Catholic City


Musings of an Infirm Catholic Mind


0The Homosexual Agenda


A Renewed Attack on Mary
(when will Protestants ever stop?)


Liturgical Calendar 2014

J Last Update

MARCH 20, 2014


I Corinthians V. 7-8

Mark XVI. 1-7






St. Thomas on Christ the King

Our Lady of Guadalupe


The Necessity of Alms-Giving for the Avoidance of Sin

The Company of the Reprobate in Hell

Last Sunday's Gospel: Demonic possession

*Constant meditation on Death*
Death Will Come Unexpectedly


The Vanity of the Hope of Heaven in Those Who Do Not Keep the Commandments of God

The Judge as Our Redeemer

To hear the word of God in sermons with a good and very good heart is a sure sign of predestination to heaven.


The Necessity of Parents Giving Good Example to Their Children


The Number of Those Who Really Love God Is Small

Holy Name of Jesus

"and you shall be odious to all men for my name, but he that shall persevere unto the end, he shall be saved. [Mt. 10:22]

Benedictine Monastery
Clear Creek, Oklahoma

St. Michael's Chapel
Oklahoma City


VULGATA Magazine

Catholic Church Conservation
Hallowed Ground
Rorate Caeli


el Alcázar de Toledo

The Diary of the Siege of the Alcázar
Requiescat in Pace:
My Father:

Rafael Diago Alcázar
[1907 - 2005]

G.K. Chesterton

O My God, I believe in Thee, help me in my lack of faith!
[Mark 9:23]

“From henceforth thou shalt catch men.” St. Luke 5:10

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