Because doubt has entered the hearts of the clergy and the laity on the Mystery of Transubstantiation, the miracle that transforms the bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord, Miracles have occurred to prove that the Real Presence of the Sacred Species is true according to the teaching of the Catholic Church. The Host and the Wine are transformed into real flesh and blood.

However, most of all, it is to address and to demonstrate to those who scoff, deride and ridicule St. John's Gosple (Chapter 6), and disbelieve in the words spoken by Jesus that to have eternal life, one must eat His Flesh and drink His Blood. He spoke literally but many walk away because this teaching was hard on their ears -- how can the Son of Man speak of "cannibalism"? Jesus nevertheless did not call them back nor to explain that He was speaking in parables, and what He said meant it only symbolically.

Lanciano, Italy -- 8th Century

Bolsena-Orvieta, Italy

Blanot, France -- March 31, 1331

Amsterdam, Holland 1345

Siena, Italy -- 1730 AD

St. Anthony of Padua (http://www.catholiceducation.org/articles/religion/re0552.html)